FoxMetz Images is Larry Metzelaar and Marianne Fox Metzelaar.

We have retired, grabbed our gear and are on the road getting the shot. To date we have shot all of the US 50 states, most of the possessions and territories, and Washington DC, and many locations in Europe and Asia. If you want to thoroughly enjoy your travel experience take a camera. You will not only have great memories but will enjoy the beauty around you and will be able to share your experience with others.

Digital photography and digital editing photographs has turned photography into an art form that is affordable and fun for everyone. If you are new to digital photography we encourage you to grab your digital camera and begin developing (no pun intended) your camera and editing skills.

Shoot lots of pictures until you see what works for you and your camera. Pictures cost nothing. There is no film to buy or processing to pay for. View your photo treasures on a computer or electronic picture frame. Share your photos by email. Those once in a lifetime pictures can be printed, matted and framed. Opps, I lied. There can be some costs involved.

Get the idea? Using your digital camera to decorate, or share your travel and other experience with people who cannot otherwise share that experience can be truly rewarding. Photography can be a fun hobby, a serious pastime, or a business. It can also turn into rewarding family togetherness and experience.
We will share our travel and photography experiences with you. Some of our photography and graphic art is available for viewing on our photo galleries hosted on this SmugMug site, Our ViewBug photo hosting site, and our National Geographic “Yourshot” site .

Bookmark our sites and visit frequently as we grow and weather the trials and tribulations of website development. Your feedback will be appreciated.

WE ARE A POLLUTION FREE "Green" COMPANY POWERED BY ENORMOUS EGOS. We love to get mail and will reply to everyone. Email your comments, ideas, and questions to . You can also add comments to photos in all of our galleries.
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